Schweppes Zimbabwe covid-19 donation

Schweppes Holdings Africa Limited (SHAL) has donated purified water as part of its nationwide COVID-19 response to assist the communities affected by water shortages. The donation which is in partnership with the respective city councils of Bulawayo and Harare will see SHAL dispersing at least 150 000 liters of purified water every week. The aim of this project is to provide water for households to practice good hand washing and body hygiene as a mitigation to Covid19 and the other diseases that can further burden the fragile healthcare system. The bulk water bowsing project is operational during the COVID-19 pandemic response efforts with the goal of donating up to 1million liters of purified water to various communities across the country.

To date Schweppes Holdings Africa Limited has donated over 300 000 liters of purified water to locations in Budiriro, Cowdry park, Luveve, Glenview, Magwegwe, Pumula South and Pumula East. Additional sites have been added to scale up the initiative to more vulnerable communities in Nkulumane, Glen Norah, Mufakose, Hopley, Warren Park and Cold Comfort 1, Warren Park, Hopely Southlands, Glenwood Park and Springview Ruwa. Schweppes has partnered with Dan Church Aid, Natpack, Blackbox investments, Rawplast industries and Gold Star sugars to set up tanks for the purpose of water bowsing.

The Schweppes Zimbabwe Managing Director, Mr Charles Msipa stated that this donation is one of the many ways in which the company is assisting communities facing water challenges given the importance of regularly washing hands with soapy water to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Schweppes through the corporate affairs team, has also engaged Norton Town Council, Beitbridge District Council and key suppliers to extend the project to more communities around the country. Latex gloves, Sanitizer, Alcohol, Soap and Water (Bulk and Packaged) have also been donated to the communities to aid in Covid19 mitigation efforts.