The Taste of Time

Mazoe Orange Crush is a renowned and loved juice-containing cordial which is an integral part of the Zimbabwean community. For over 70 years, Mazoe has been trusted by generations of mothers to give their families the best in healthy refreshment.

Creating A Path For Sustainability

We take great pride in creating Sustainable Value Chains. Our business model empowers communities and gives back to the environment.

Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited is a manufacturer and distributor of non-carbonated still beverages under licence from The Coca-Cola Company. Our Portfolio includes; – Mazoe Crushes and Syrups, Minute Maid Juices , Bonaqua Still Water and Schweppes Still Water.

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Schweppes Holdings Africa donates towards COVID-19 Pandemic

Schweppes Holdings Africa donates towards COVID-19 Pandemic

Schweppes Holdings Africa Limited (SHAL) has donated purified water as part of its nationwide COVID-19 response to assist the communities affected by water shortages. The donation which is in partnership with the respective city councils of Bulawayo and Harare will...

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One Mega Watt Solar Plant

One Mega Watt Solar Plant

Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited embarked on a 1MW solar plant installation on the rooftop (9000sqm) of its Harare facility which was commissioned on the 29th of November 2019. Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited intends to roll out 1.96MW installations to the remaining production and sales depots across the country to green the entire business.

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