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Mazoe Orange Crush, is a product of The Coca-Cola Company which is produced under franchise by Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited. Mazoe Orange Crush is a renowned and loved juice-containing cordial which is an integral part of the Zimbabwean community. For over 70 years, Mazoe has been trusted by generations of mothers to give their families the best in healthy refreshment. Over time, the range of products offered under brand Mazoe has grown to include; Mazoe Orange Light which offers the same great taste in a non-sugar variant for consumers following a managed- calorie lifestyle. Other variants include Blackberry, Raspberry, Cream Soda and Peach, a rainbow range of Mazoe Syrups bursting with flavour.

Mazoe has won various accolades including the National Product Quality of the Year Award for 2011. This is in recognition of its consistent and high product quality in the large enterprises category at the inaugural National Annual Quality Awards coordinated by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ). Mazoe has since 2011 to date been recognised as one the top 10 super brands in national and overall Superbrand categories by The Marketers Association of Zimbabwe in the Annual Superbrand Awards.